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The Churches of Digby Neck


The Churches of Digby Neck

  Sandy Cove has three churches that are still in use: the Zion United Church, built in 1857, the Church of Nativity, built in 1844, and the Baptist church, built in 1849.

  The church in Tiddville is called the Calvary Temple Pentecostal church was built in 1951.   Church services are still held today.

  The United Church was built in 1886, burned in 1994 and was restored in 1996. The First Baptist Church on Digby Neck is located in Centreville.

  People from Little River are descendants of English, Scottish and Loyalist settlers. The Baptist church built in 1899 is still a centre of activity for the community.

  East Ferry Baptist Church

  Rossway Baptist Church

  Rossway Church