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  Thanks to everyone who helped, donated, guided, spoke, showed, told, gave and taught. Thanks especially to:

  • Robert and Chip Inkster
  • Mark McCullough
  • Elizabeth McCullough
  • Dianne Theriault
  • Winnie Theriault
  • Christine Denton
  • Evelyn Dickinson
  • Tony Kelly
  • Mike Corbett
  • The Admiral Digby Museum
  • Juanita Morehouse
  • The Sandy Cove Quilters
  • Mary Kate Bull
  • Ruth Bull
  • Arthur Bull
  • Lou Theriault
  • Elsie Gidney
  • Mimi McCullough
  • Digby Library
  • Kathleen Flanagan
  • Lenika Eldridge-Ensor
  • Vince Pietropaolo
  • Gary Wilson
  • Angus Boutillier
    James Gidney

    And many more.

    Bibliographic References


    Jeremy Rodgers

      Project Co-Ordinator, Research, Photography, Writing, Interviews, HTML, ASP, Scanning, Graphic Design

    Sara Gidney

      Project Research, Photography, Writings, Interviews, Scanning

    Jennifer Duffy

      Project Research, Photography, Writings, Interviews, Scanning

    Peter Gregory

      Project Research, HTML, Photography, Scanning, Graphic design, MPEG recording.