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Digby Neck In Stories houses a collection of 1346 images from the past and present. The table below lists several topics, click on one to view pictures about the topic. Use the Search form below the table to perform a custom search of the pictures.

Bristol Collection
Houses & Buildings
Road Signs

These pictures were all collected and scanned or taken by the Digital Collections Project Staff using a transparency scanner and digital camera. The staff titled and captioned each photo, listing also (when known) the source of the photo, the location at which it was taken and its number if it is from a sequence of photos (i.e. the Bristol Collection). The photos and slides were scanned at a high resolution for archival purposes and adjusted for publication to the Internet. In the case of the older slides and photos effort was made to fix larger blemishes in their published versions, undoubtedly however, you will still notice some signs of age in them.

Pictures with a source listed as DCP Staff are those taken by the Digital Collections Project Staff.

The search function will operate best by using one or two keywords. Boolean functions such as and, or and not are not supported.