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East Ferry

East FerryEast Ferry

  At the end of Digby Neck amongst the fog is the small village of East Ferry.   From here you can catch beautiful views of Petit Passage, St. Mary's Bay, the Bay of Fundy, and Tiverton, which is the first community on Long Island.

   To visit Long Island, one must take a small ferry called the "Joe Casey" named after a local politician and former fisherman.   Beside the ferry wharf there are fish plants and an aquaculture farm.   East Ferry is also a fishing port and there are many colourful boats anchored in the passage.  You can also see the lighthouse at Boar's Head, which has helped many a sailor get home safely.

  Before you reach the ferry there is a convienience store/restaurant, owned and operated by Harold and Dianne Theriault, where you can get everything from fresh seafood to delicious Emu burgers made fresh from the local Emu farm in Gulliver's Cove.   The Theriaults also own a whale watching company called the "Petit Passage Whale Watch." When you embark on your whale watching adventure, you are likely to spot Humpbacks, Right whales, Fin whales and Minke.   You may also see an assortment of dolphins, seals and sea birds.

  If you would like to stay the night in East Ferry there is a charming Bed and Breakfast called the " Rambling Rowes " on the hilltop overlooking the passage and the Islands.

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