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Lake Midway

Lake MidwayLake Midway

  Lake Midway  is located between Centreville and Sandy Cove.  It is a small but beautiful community.  The Provincial picnic park beside the lake is a perfect place to spend a day with family, swimming and enjoying the quiet serenity.

  Lake Midway was settled in 1788 and was called Lakeside.  The main road was once located on the other side of the lake.  It was called the Ice Road because in the past, ice blocks were cut and hauled over it to Centreville.  The ice blocks were used to keep meat and fish fresh in the summer months.  The road is still there but is used only for walking, cross-country skiing and ATV's.

  There is a great tradition of oral history in the area and Lake Midway was the home of the legendary witches, brother and sister Ben and Liefy Smith.  Their home, made from driftwood, was located in Thomas Cove on the Bay of Fundy shore side.

  Digby Neck has had its fair share of shipwrecks in the past, and one of the worst is the wreck of "The Robert Cann." The vessel carried freight from St.John, the neck, the islands and Yarmouth and was 135 feet long.  In 1946 the Robert Cann sank 32 miles off the coast of the Bay of Fundy.  A blizzard came suddenly upon them and the boat's hull sprang a plank and began to take on water.  The ship's crew of twelve men died leaving only Captain Arthur Ells to tell the harrowing tale.

  As with all communities on Digby Neck, Lake Midway was also a fishing and farming community.  The LJ Robicheau fish plant is still running today.

  At one time there was a small one-room schoolhouse in Lake Midway, which burned down, now children go to the Digby Neck Consolidated School in Sandy Cove for their education.

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