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Sandy CoveSandy Cove

  Nestled in the heart of Digby Neck is a small, quiet village called Sandy Cove.  The town of Sandy Cove is situated between two bays: St.Mary's Bay and the Bay of Fundy.  From both of these coves, for hundreds of years, there have lived a strong sea-faring and farming people.  Exquisite views can be seen from the top of Mount Shubel.   As you walk through Sandy Cove you will see undisturbed nature, sandy beaches, charming architecture and warm-hearted people.

   Fishing is the main industry here and on the St.Mary's Bay side there is a newly constructed wharf.  It is a port to many types of fishing vessels, such as fish and scallop draggers and lobster boats.

  The first settlers to Sandy Cove were the Mik'maq peoples.   They named the village noogoomkegawaachk which meant "a small sandy cove."

  Later in 1778, the first white settlers were Loyalists Thomas Hamilton and John Dickson.  They came in search of a promising fishing village and seeing Sandy Cove they went no further.  There is some evidence that it was once called Prince William until the early 1850's.  The present name was in use by 1857.

  Sandy Cove has three churches that are still in use: the Zion United church, built in 1857, the Church of Nativity, built in 1844, and the Baptist church, built in 1849.

  The first school was built in 1849.  A later school was built in 1860, this is located on Church Hill.  In 1877, another story was added and another teacher hired.  In 1910 another school was built on the same foundation, this school is now a home and is located beside the Sandy Cove library.  The Elderidge Memorial Library was built in 1935 and is still open in the summer months.  It houses such treasures as the children's books of Alice Dalgleish (a local author) and the Bristol photo collection.  In October 1957, all the small community schools were consolidated into one school from grades primary to six.  The high school children were then bussed to Digby.  The Digby Neck Consolidated School is located in Sandy Cove and is still functioning as a school and community centre.

  If you were looking for a place to stay in Sandy Cove you will find the Olde Village Inn, the Sandy Cove B&B, the Wingberry House B&B(where you can also find antiques and crafts).  There is also the Mariner take-out and mini-golf and Sandy Cove grocery.

  Sandy Cove has many odd characters and tales, including the story of Jerome, the Mystery Man of Digby County.  Also included in Sandy Cove's rich history is the story of George Collin Albright, better known as "Collie."

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