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  Located after Little River and before East Ferry.  In the 1800s an English settler by the name of Samuel Tidd settled on the south shoreline of Tiddville on the St.Mary's Bay side.

  In the 1920s a factory was built in Tiddville to mine Diatomite.  The factory was built at the bog and was called 'Factory Bog'.  Diatomite was dug up from the bog and cut into blocks.  They placed them on wooded racks to dry.  Diatomite was used for fire bricks, a polishing powder, abrasive, plastic filler,insulation and manufacturing explosives.  The factory closed in the 1950's.

  Tiddville was also a fishing community and still is.  The kind of fishing done were trawl-fishing, hand-lining and lobstering.  This was done by hand from small dorys.  They rowed the dorys to the port of Tiverton to sell or trade the fish and then rowed back home. They fished from Long Beach and fisherman still fish from Long Beach today only with modern boats and equipment.

  There was a small one room schoolhouse that was in use from 1805 to 1895.  Then a new school was built. It was also used for church services on Sunday and sing-songs on Friday night.  This school closed when the Digby Neck Consolidated School opened in 1957.

  The church in Tiddville is called the Calvary Temple Pentecostal church was built in 1951.  Church services are still held today.

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